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Surface Cookware

Surface cookware by Sergio Herman

With the success of the ever-expanding Surface for Serax line by the Zeeland master chef Sergio Herman, which is completely dominated by food & drinks, an extensive range of cooking pots and pans was no more than a logical development. This sequel has been inspired by bustling open kitchens and lively tables, and possesses the indestructible looks that hint at the past with an inventiveness that is perfectly attuned to the present.

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Cooking ... a daily ritual that for many of us is more than just providing a basic need. The Serax Cookware lines are ideal for all enthusiasts of delicious no-fuss cooking. Whether you opt for the lightweight aluminium cooking pots from the Pure series or the more robust cast iron Surface for Serax pots and pans, with this cookware you are not only opting for the ease of use of materials that are suitable for all common heat sources and dishwashers, but also for pleasure that does not end in the kitchen: the pots and pans go straight from the stove to the table, for yourself, for two or for a group of friends and family.

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