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Volumes by Piet Boon

Volumes by Piet Boon

For the new collection of five vases, Studio Piet Boon played with the different thicknesses and heights that they always saw reappearing in commercial vases. By experimenting with them, volumes of different heights have been created at the top. These volumes have an important function: they keep the flowers in the right place. “A volume for one flower, a volume for Ikebana, a volume for a large bouquet and a volume for a small or large plant,” Piet Boon explains.

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For the VASE collection’s earthy colour palette, Boon drew his inspiration from paintings by Italian artist Giorgio Morandi. “In line with the BASE tableware, the VASE collection is intended for mixing and matching different sizes and colours,” says Boon. “These vases don't need a lot of flowers, by the way. Just a couple of branches or a few beautiful large flowers will suffice.”

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