Surface cookware

Good ‘tools’ are indispensable in every kitchen


Good ‘tools’ are indispensable in every kitchen, whether this be at home or in a restaurant. That is why Sergio and Serax’ design team opted for cast-iron pots with a strong glazing that can withstand the highest temperatures and retain the heat for a long time. Thus, the flavours can be fully absorbed. The glazing makes the pots, pans and dishes much easier to clean, and an innovative technique makes the cast iron suitable for all heat sources, from gas cooker to ceramic hob.

cookware in camo green
surface cookware sergio herman

Casseroles by Sergio Herman

surface cookware sergio herman

Cookware in camo green

surface cookware sergio herman

Clever design , improved functionality


Due to the clever design of the lids, the food moisturises itself with the condensation moisture, so that it can boil down without drying out. In turn, the grill pans are equipped with high edges that contain the splashing, and the saucepans with a slightly wider rim to make cooking and beating sauces much easier.

surface cookware sergio herman

Not one size fits all


Size does matter! That is why you will find various sizes in this collection. Handy and compact formats for when you are simply cooking for yourself or for two. There are also larger versions for when guests are joining at the dining table and saucepans that are ideal both for home-use and the hospitality industry.” In addition, the cooking pots can be used both in the kitchen and at the table, where they are ideal for sharing food, and completely fit in with the current sharing philosophy. So, no matter how beautiful this collection might turn out to be, its durable character was always at the top of the list during the design process.

World-class chef Sergio Herman and his Surface cookware for Serax

Cast-iron casseroles for the best results

Its durable character was key during the design process

A powerful contrast


The robust cast-iron pots and pans require a look that does justice to the material. The choice to let the material be ‘itself’ on the outside, rough and unpolished, creates a powerful contrast with the smoothly polished interior. The Camogreen version very closely matches with the plates from the Surface for Serax tableware collection, and the black version looks tough! The pots and pans are not only indispensable to your kitchen, they also steal the show at the table. Surface for Serax, for unsurpassed cooking pleasure and precious table moments.


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